Bounce-Back Promotion turning a slow Month into Your Busiest - Filling Restaurants, Even on Weekdays!

Inspired by Starbucks' successful strategy of enticing morning coffee lovers to return in the afternoon, our Bounce-Back Offer is designed to do just that, but with an extended timeframe of one month for distribution and redemption. This promotion runs during periods like December and January, or the scorching summer months when everyone is seeking customers. The key is to choose a bustling month followed by a quieter one.

  • Transform Slow Months! Beat the lull of off-peak periods, boosting sales and turning traditionally quiet months into thriving, revenue-rich times.
  • Extended Redemption Period! Enjoy the flexibility of a month-long promotion, giving your customers ample time to return and experience your offerings again and again.
  • Versatile for Any Business! Ideal for restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and more, this promotion adapts to your needs, filling your establishment even during the weekdays.

Elevating Your Sales
A Simple 1... 2... 3 Approach

A Promotion That Brings Them Back

You select the grand prize, second prize and thrid prize and any other prizes you wish to include. Your staff passes out flyers and informs each table of your promotion. You can place flyers in carryout orders with a QR code for easy sign up.

Promotion Launch

Right before your promotion kicks off everyone who signed up will receive a reminder that the giveaway is about to start. Prizes can only be redeem at the restaurant during the time period you selected. Anyone that hasn't come in will gently be nudge in.

Sales Skyrocket

Your happy customers rush back to your restaurant to open their envelopes in front of your staff to see their prize inside. Filling your seats, spending more money, and increasing your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bounce-Back Promotion is strategically designed to revitalize your business during traditionally quiet months. By enticing customers to return with enticing prizes and an extended redemption period, it effectively boosts sales and fills your establishment even during weekdays.
Absolutely! The Bounce-Back Promotion is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for various businesses, including cafes, retail stores, and more. Its flexibility ensures it can cater to the unique needs of your establishment, irrespective of the industry.
Unlike traditional marketing tactics, the Bounce-Back Promotion leverages psychology and curiosity to drive customers back to your establishment. By offering enticing prizes and incorporating themes aligned with current holidays and celebrations, it creates excitement and anticipation among customers, resulting in increased foot traffic and sales.
While specific returns may vary for each business, the Bounce-Back Promotion has consistently proven to be highly effective since its inception in 2008. With the highest redemption and return rates among promotions, it ensures a significant boost in sales and customer engagement.
It's recommended to base the quantity of envelopes on your average number of guest checks for the month when distributing them. Typically, one envelope is allocated per table and carryout order, ensuring widespread participation among customers.
The success of the promotion largely depends on the prizes offered. It's advisable to include a mix of desirable prizes, including a grand prize that appeals to everyone, such as a TV or a year of free dinners. Additionally, smaller prizes like free menu items, gift cards, movie tickets, or event passes can add excitement and variety to the promotion. Feel free to consult with our experienced team for personalized prize suggestions tailored to your business. .

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