Simple Facebook and Instagram contests are a treasure trove for your restaurant, as they generate valuable comments and interactions, driving significant engagement. This engagement is key because it signals to Facebook's algorithms that your content is worth sharing, resulting in broader organic reach to your customer base. This heightened awareness ensures that your restaurant stays top of mind, so when hunger strikes, diners instinctively think of you, leading to increased revenue and a thriving establishment.

  • Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

    Dive into the methodology of crafting intricate multi-channel marketing campaigns that surpass ordinary Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • Outsmarting Meta's Algorithms

    Learn techniques to cleverly outwit Meta's algorithms and make your content stand out.

  • Engaging Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

    A captivating approach to designing Facebook & Instagram campaigns that significantly enhance engagement.

  • Effective Engagement Techniques

    Move beyond generic advertisements by discovering how to create content that sparks genuine interaction with your followers and customers.

  • Expanding Audience Reach

    Explore innovative strategies such as contests to create excitement, boost engagement, and amass a valuable customer database for targeted marketing.

Done For You Contest Library

Rest assured, you won't have to stress about running monthly contests anymore. With Eat Local Restaurant Marketing software, you have a variety of contests ready to go each month. Just pick the contest, customize a few details, and you're good to go. What used to take you over an hour can now be completed in just 5 minutes or less. After all, while contests create engagement, they shouldn't consume too much of your time when you're busy running a restaurant.

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What's the Contest Process?

What's Makes A Great Contest?

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