Boost Your Restaurant's Revenue and Loyalty with Paid VIP clubs.

Paid VIP clubs offer a unique avenue for your restaurant to boost revenue and build customer loyalty. We provide a range of subscription options, from one-time use to daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly plans, designed to entice customers to return frequently. What makes this model particularly enticing is that subscribers receive offers precisely when they're valid again, ensuring a constant flow of eager diners. These subscriptions not only create a reliable revenue stream but also foster a deeper connection between your restaurant and its patrons, making it a win-win for your business. We've developed a solution that not only helps you gather valuable customer data but also shows you how to turn your customers into VIP Club members who pay for exclusive benefits.

100 Paid VIP Members @ $27 per membership equals $32,400 in yearly revenue
  • A personalized loyalty program designed to create consistent, passive revenue.
  • Attracting both new and returning customers while optimizing your advertising investment
  • A user-friendly, low-friction system that benefits both your staff and customers.
  • When someone signs up, our system seamlessly deploys email, text, and Facebook ads to remind customers of their exclusive offer, ensuring they never miss out on your restaurant's enticing deals.
  • A team of marketing experts dedicated to your success
  • Learn how a Three-Location Brew Pub Rakes in an Astonishing $24,000 😮 Monthly in Paid VIP Club Revenue!

42% of customers said they'd be willing to pay to participate in loyalty program that guarantees online reservations on busy days, discounts on specific items, or offers to skip the line privileges.

National Restaurant Association


Data that can be acted upon

Leverage your customer data to create, execute, and evaluate a personalized subscription initiative that fosters loyalty and boosts revenue.

Stay competitive with predictable revenues

Unlimited Offerings

Meal Passes

Insider Perks

Free Delivery

Skip The Line

Online Discounts

and more...

Over 80% of beer, wine, and cocktail drinkers would like the option of ordering locally made beverages

National Restaurant Association

Stand Our From Other Independent Restaurant

Differentiated Offerings

Transforming your independent restaurant into a paid VIP experience can elevate customer satisfaction and bolster your profitability, following the trend set by established brands embracing subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional loyalty programs often delay rewards, but our Eat Drink Locals VIP Club is all about immediate benefits and passive revenue generation. It sets you apart from the rest and caters to what customers truly desire.
Eat Drink Locals VIP Club is more than just a premium membership platform – it's a team of seasoned marketing and technology professionals with over 80 years of combined experience. We're here to support your success.
We collaborate directly with you to craft an irresistible offer that appeals to your customers and boosts your profitability. This is a pivotal aspect of your program, and we ensure it's perfect for you.
Your staff has a straightforward role: encourage customers to tap the "redeem" button on their phones when using an offer. We also provide training materials to ensure they understand and can effectively communicate your program to customers.
We aim for a swift turnaround. From our initial call to program launch, it typically takes between 1 day. In comparison, native apps often take up to 30-45 days to launch.
If you purchase the advance set up package we handle the design of all your in-store marketing materials, incorporating custom QR codes for easy sign-ups. Additionally, we provide training materials for your staff to confidently communicate the program to customers.

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